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20 years ago, the Ethan Saylors of this country were gay. 50 years ago, they were African American. Is the marginalization of those with intellectual disability our legacy? I hope not.

Little Bird's Dad

LB20130329(Daily Show)The Attig Law Firm, based in Dallas, Texas, is offering $1,000 to the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) if you can help get Ethan’s mom on the Daily Show to talk about this incident.

The offer was made on the Attig Law Firm’s facebook page.  Take these 4 steps:

1) Go to the Attig Law Firm’s facebook page.  Share the post on your home page on Facebook.  Tweet it. Pin it on interest.  Get the word out.

2) Contact Jon Stewart, and ask them to host Ethan Saylor’s mom on the Daily Show to discuss this incident. Use the same subject, to bring attention to all the emails:  “Please Have Ethan Saylor’s Mom on the Daily Show”

3) Ask 10 of your friends to spread the word.

4) Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

If Social Media can foment rebellion in Egypt, it can get Ethan’s…

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