Get Down With Me.

Brady, Adelle, Me, Dan and Evelyn

I am the ordinary mother of three exceptional children; one happens to have Down syndrome.  I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is most likely the greatest place on earth.  I love my family, craft beer, TV and running (in that order).

It was never my intention to write solely about Down syndrome (and I may not), nor to expose  my private thoughts to strangers.  However, with the imminent increase in prenatal Trisomy 21 diagnoses, I felt it was important to share my experiences so that other expectant parents could understand that life with Down syndrome isn’t much different than life without it.


My posts are often edited by dear friends, Raven Willcox and Kristen Livermore.

4 thoughts on “Get Down With Me.”

  1. Hey neighbor, I live outside of Ann Arbor!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog so that I was made aware of yours! Thanks for sharing your stories….more awareness means more opportunities for our children 🙂

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