Liebster Award: Movies.

Bright Blue Line asked a couple of questions about movies.  Let me start by saying I LOVE MOVIES!  Well, really I love comedies and action films.  My time is valuable, and if I invest ninety minutes in something, it had better make me pee my pants laughing or jump our of my seat with excitement – if the credits roll and I am depressed, I’m throwing my Diet Coke at the screen.

What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

Having said all that, it is really hard to pick just one movie as my “favorite.”  I can’t make up my mind.  So I am cheating a little and sharing three of my favorite funny films:

Just Friends. As far as I’m concerned, Ryan Reynold’s should only make funny movies.  I never get sick of this.  So many 90’s references and every single person in this movie is hilarious – expecially Anna Faris.  Available on Amazon Instant Video.  Also, you can watch the entire move in youtube.  Shhhh!

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.  Normally I dislike spoof movies.  I think they rely too much on fart jokes and boobs.  However, this movie breaks that stereotype.  It is a well-written, well-acted, funny horror spoof.   It’s available streaming on Amazon and Netflix.

Big Trouble.  Smart and funny.  Available on Amazon.

What’s your least favorite movie & how would you change it to make it great?

There are a lot of terrible movies out there.  Some are funny because they are so terrible, and some are not.  I think that my least favorite movies are probably the Twilight series.  I’ve seen the first two all the way through (painful).  They are bad for two basic reasons:

The first is terrible writing.  I really dislike that the movies (and I can only assume the books)  are entirely about making a difficult relationship work.  When I was sixteen, I would have totally loved that crap, but adult me knows it’s bull.  All of you who are about to post nasty comments, pay attention, because you probably need to hear this the most:

Love shouldn’t be difficult.  I’ve tried it both ways, and if you are really a good match, you shouldn’t have to “fight” for your love.  If you are struggling to keep your vampire or werewolf boyfriend, give it up.  I think anger and angst are often misconstrued as passion.  Find someone who you have more in common with.  You will be a lot happier.

I could look past that though, if the acting weren’t so terrible.  It is so hollow and wooden.  I was especially disappointed in Kristen Stewart.  Actually, she’s the only reason I even watched these movies.  She was brilliant in Speak, a movie adaptation of one of my favorite books, and I just can’t understand what happened between then and now.  Maybe Bella is supposed to be a robotic, unrelatable young woman, in which case: Way to go, Kristen Stewart – you acted the pants off of that one!

As for improving them…I don’t think it’s possible.  The very premise bothers me.  It reinforces the idea that we should settle for less than happy relationships.

Normally, I would never choose to write about movies. I love watching movies, but I am not good at explaining what I like or dislike about films, books, etc. I like that this question was posed, because I had to work at the answer.